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  • Clinical

    • usually age < 30
    • Carney syndrome: fibroadenoma, cutaneous myxoma, blue nevi, atrial myxoma
  • Histology

    • growth patterns: pericanalicular, intracanalicular (clefts)
      • pericanalicular: stroma circumferentially around ducts
      • intracanalicular: stroma compressing ducts into clefts
    • can have ADH or ALH but is benign as long as confined within lesion
    • don't miss in situ or invasive ca
  • Types

    • myxoid pattern associated with Carney syndrome
    • cellular fibroadenoma resembles phyllodes
    • complex fibroadenoma (older pt, higher risk of cancer): have cysts, sclerosing adenosis, epithelial calcs, papillary apocrine metaplasia
    • juvenile fibroadenoma (adolescents): large size, pericanalicular, stromal cellularity, prominent epithelial growth, UDH
  • Signout

    • Fibroadenoma
    • No leaf like growth, significant stromal atypia, stromal overgrowth, or stromal mitoses are identified